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Excellence in fashion fabrics

“Clothes make the man, Roger La Viale makes the cloth.”

Elegance is an art form.

To be truly elegant, a man must feel comfortable and confident in his clothing. The selections from Roger La Viale’s iconic ranges ensure a man’s custom wardrobe rises to any occasion.

Across two generations, Roger La Viale delivered nothing short of brilliance in terms of sourcing the finest products. The brand is a known fabric innovator that continues to bring new developments to the market.

With offices and design teams across three continents, we have been servicing the tailored clothing trade for the past nine decades supplying finest fabrics from Asia and Europe. The design team is highly respected for its creative, stylish patterns that are easy to wear and belong in every man’s wardrobe.

It is this legacy of merchandizing that continues to inspire the current team at Roger La Viale.

Roger La Viale is offered world wide from the house of MBM Textiles Private Limited.

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Introducing the summer of 2024

Presenting Spring-Summer 2024 from Roger La Viale that has Nylon with Lycra, Lyocell with a new Self Stretch fiber, 100% Giza Cotton, 2-ply, Easy to Iron Shirting and the ever-summer favorite, Linen.

While some of these fabrics are brand-new to the custom tailoring buyer, a few others are classics where Roger La Viale has tried to up the game on finish and performance. Blending the classic with the new is a motto that Roger La Viale thrives on.

Whether it is a new world or a changing world, balance is always at a premium.

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